To whom it may concern,

In 2009 I went to an Islanders game against the L.A. Kings. I sat way up in the stands, had my free hot dog and tried my best to follow what was going on 80 feet below me. Something clicked that day, I fell in love again. The feelings I had in 2002-2004 before the lockout, had suddenly sprung up again. I followed the team ever since. 

Tonight, after 4 previous losses, the Islanders go out and lose 6-4 on home ice to grow the losing streak to five. Whether it was luck or not isn't the question. Whether it was DiPietro or not is certainly not the question. The question that should be asked is why. Why do fans even bother to show up. The Islanders organization should be BLESSED that over 1000 people show up to games still. I would bleed for this team, but you know something is wrong when the only major market professional sports team on L.I. draws a tenth of a crowd and then loses miserably. 

I may be whining, but as a fan of the Islanders, I feel disrespected. As a fan of hockey, I would say the team is lucky to be staying in the tri-state. BIG changes have to be made. By big, I don't mean trading 3rd round picks for half dead netminders, I mean giving up a couple of "key" guys for a star. Even a coach change on a higher level than promoting a former AHL coach may do something. This is a professional sports team that somehow manages to anger and lose more fans on a daily basis. 

I could have easily been a Rangers fan. They make the playoffs all the time, play in the nicest arena in the NHL and have one of the loudest fan-bases in the planet. But no. I chose to stick by the team I love and cheer for night by night. I pray that someone sees this. I am done paying 50 dollars for tickets to see a team not even in the talks of winning anything. I am tired of throwing fits in the living room every time the team turns the puck over in their own zone. I have had enough. 

From one fan to the rest I pray that people stick with the boys in blue and orange. I will no matter what. But please Garth/Wang/Capuano/Thompson/Weight, do something that shows changes are going to be made for the better. 



Murphy Siegel