That's right! The Islanders enforcer with the sexiest mustache in hockey signed a 1 year, two-way contract with the boys in orange. Gillies is known for his aggressive playing style and his love for dropping the gloves. I personally think that Gillies is a great player for the Islanders to have. No, he isn't a goal scorer, but that isn't why we like him. 

If you were following hockey this past season, you know about what happened on February 11th against the Penguins. For those who don't know, heres a recap... The Islanders kicked a**. With over 300 penalty minutes, 10 fights and 11 total goals scored, The Islanders finally stood up for themselves and the fans. Gillies was a main factor in that game as he picked up more then one fighting major for the final tally being over 30 PIM and a suspension of 9 games. On the day he returned to the ice, he was suspended for a headshot on Cal Clutterbuck of the Wild. 

So you probably are thinking to yourselves, "Why would you want this guy back?" Well my friends, the answer is simple. He strikes fear into the other player's eyes. He intimidates like no other. He protects his fellow players and will do anything to help the team. Trevor Gillies is as determined as they come and thats why the Islanders made the right decision in signing him again. 

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