According to an article by Katie Strang from Newsday, the all star goaltender Evgeni Nabokov is planning on showing up to Islanders training camp coming this September. Nabokov was picked up off waivers by the Islanders early last season and Nabokov refused to show up to any Islanders practice. The former Calder winner's reasonings for not reporting to the Islanders was that he felt he couldn't help the team. GM Garth Snow tolled Nabby's contract which forces him to stay with the Islanders until this coming season. Now, Nabokov realizes that unless he shows up to camp with the Isles and plays, he may never play in the NHL again.

I think this is great news. The Isles are getting a goaltender who led his team to 11 consecutive playoff appearances. Nabokov is a great net-minder who can really make a change in the Isles organization. The only problem I can think of is if the team respects Nabokov the way he wants to be respected. The truth of the matter is, Nabokov doesn't deserve any respect from the Islanders because he insulted the team in the worst way possible. Nabby is stuck up, cocky and thinks he is the greatest. Unfortunately however, he is a great goaltender and is a useful tool for the Islanders next season. I hope everything works out so Nabokov will apologize to the Islanders organization and fans, and promise to bring the team to the playoffs.