Islanders Media Day was yesterday and since I am not worthy of a media pass YET, I wasn't able to attend. (not to mention I'm in High School) I was following all of the announcements on my iPhone while sitting in spanish class. I first heard that they were going to announce captains. I immediately thought to myself, "Streit is getting it, no doubt. Maybe Tavares and Okposo will receive the alternate positions." At about 2:00 o'clock yesterday, I see that Mark Streit was announced as the 13th Captain In Islanders History. Boy was that a relief! There is no doubt in my mind that this guy deserved it. He is arguably the best player on the team and is a class-act. The only thing that I was confused about was the fact that no alternate captains were announced. I think it will be Tavares and Okposo but I would love to hear what you guys think. Tweet me or Email me and i will post up your answers in my next article. 

Next order of business. Yesterday almost directly after media day concluded, posted an article which revealed a new plan for the development of the Nassau Coliseum land. This plan includes a renovated coliseum, a minor league ball park, a public ice skating rink, a new practice facility, a 6 story parking garage and surrounding shops and business areas. I think the plan is a beautiful idea and will allow the team to stay on Long Island for X amount of years. The best part about the plan is... It's privately funded!!! This means no referendum, no stupid voters and no more idiotic people!!! I really hope this plan passes because it is no doubt that the team needs a new home and it should be in Nassau. 

Other Quick News-

Bailey was re-signed a two year deal... Not happy about that one.

As of now, Nabokov is still skating with the team, no real word on whether or not he will start.

DP is Healthy!!

Looks as if Nino will be playing with the big boys this season. 


Thats just about it! Oh and one more thing.. I have a major announcement to make. 

My first interview ever will be taking place this coming Tuesday at about 1 o'clock on If you cannot listen on time, don't worry because I will be posting the recorded show and posting it to the site on Tuesday as well. The big deal about this show is..... BOBBY NYSTROM WILL BE INTERVIEWED VIA PHONE!!!!! If you want to hear my first interview ever with the man the myth the legend, listen in on 

One more thing.. If you would like to ask a question to Mr. Nystrom, Email me at with your name, town and question you would like to ask. I can almost guarantee that your question will be asked. Thanks again guys!