This game made my week. Heck, it may have made my month. The Islanders have just defeated the Western Conference monsters known as The Detroit Red Wings with a final tally of 5-1. Moulson nets two, Grabner, Tavares and Okposo also scoring in a highlight reel game against one of the best teams in the league. 

One can only wonder, did they get lucky and will go back to "normal" against the competitive Flyers? I think this game was a turning point. With Moulson on track for fourty goals and the defense starting to make a presence against dominant teams such as Detroit, the team looked completely different on the ice. The fans were into the game, the players played with grit and they pulled out victorious. 

With games against Philidelphia and then the struggling Sabres, the Islanders need to stand their home ground and do everything they can to pull out wins.

The only question on my mind is "What if?"

What if the Islanders rallied and started winning 8 in a row and then losing to just to win another five? I think the playoffs are not that farfetched for this team. They stumbled out of the gate with the first 20 games of the season and then, for the second time, are just starting to find their groove. 

My thoughts-

Jack Capuano is not as bad as one may think. Look at the season. Capuano DID change his coaching style this season. A lot more dump and chase play as opposed to last year's most popular play, "Pass it to Grabner!" The team is adjusting and they will be playoff bound by next year the latest. I garuntee it. 

May I just add that I am on track with my Moulson breakout prediction. Just saying!

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