Since the Aug. 1st vote for a new arena failed, many areas are stepping up and asking for the Islanders to move. Though Wang is supposedly committed to Long Island, the reality is they wont be staying very long. So the big question everyone is asking is "WHERE!?" Long Island? New York? The East Coast? THE USA? We don't know. Here is a list of places that are popping up on twitter, Newsday and other sources.


  1. Barclays Center, Brooklyn NY- The day after the vote failed, many tweets were saying that the most realistic option is Brooklyn. In fact, the day after the vote failed, Barclays reviewed the sight lines and seating so a NHL rink could fit. The move to Brooklyn is also realistic due to the MSG TV station deal with the Islanders which keep all Islanders games on MSG until the 2030-2031 season. Imagine watching the Kansas City Islanders on MSG... Not gonna happen.
  2. Willets Point- Wang has been in talks with the owner of the Citi Field-Willets Point area and worked out a place where an arena may fit. The best part about the place is the fact that the LIRR runs straight there. This would insure an easy commute to games. The only thing bad about the move would be fans getting used to saying "I'm taking the train to an Islander game."
  3. Sprint Center, Kansas City- This has been in the talks since The Lighthouse Project. Sprint Center has been in need of an NHL team and has their spotlight on the Islanders. The only thing stopping them is Wang. Wang would most likely sell the Islanders before moving to KC. Wang also says he is committed to NY and Long Island so I really don't see this happening.
  4. ANYWHERE IN CANADA!- The hockey capital of the world is looking to take over the NHL and move any team in. Hartford, Quebec and other big cities are looking for NHL teams. 
That concludes the big 4 names being thrown around... An honorable mention goes to Suffolk County because they have space to build. Thanks for all the support and be sure to join the Facebook group and follow me on Twitter.